About Orichas

The Orichas are gods of the Lucumi religion, an African-based religion that migrated to Cuba and most recently to the United States

The Lucumi religion extends as far back as Egyptian times with some of its practices borne from the era.  Like the Native American religion of the Americas, Lucumi is an earth-based religion that is based on the fundamental respect all beings, and focuses on the interrelatedness of human beings and all life forms. Despite the pantheon of orichas (multiple gods/godesses), there is only one creator god, Oluddumare. It is believed that Oluddumare is far too busy creating the vast expanses of the universe, so he/she is unable to be present within our galaxy.  Oluddumare created the orichas and gave them powers over particular energies of the earth.  Each oricha is especially gifted with certain powers or ashe (ache) which they use to assist human beings on this earth.

Because it is also believed that the Orichas are here to help humans make a better life for themselves, divination, or future readings using cowrie shells (dilloggun), is an integral part of Lucumi.  Divination is used to help the people make difficult life decisions, pinpoint some health issues, and to bring general stability and joy into ones life. 

There are so many stories (patakis) associated with Lucumi and the Orichas that we will not attempt to cover them here.  Also, there are many web sites that offer highly detailed information about Lucumi.  Orichas Online wishes to bring you the ability to experience the blessings of the Orichas by purchasing spiritual items from your home.

Please come back often as we will be updating the site with more Oricha information and we are always adding things to our store.




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